As part of the “Novel CO2-based Electrothermal Energy and Geological Storage” (CEEGS) project, funded by the European Union’s Horizon Research and Innovation Programme, key project partners, including members of USE, GFZ, and IGME-CSIC, conducted a successful visit to the CO2 injection facilities of CIUDEN (Foundation Ciudad de la Energía) in Hontomín, Burgos.

CIUDEN, established in 2006 by the Spanish Government, is an organisation dedicated to implementing Research, Development, and Innovation (R+D+i) programmes related to energy and the environment, and contributing to the economic development of the Bierzo region in the province of León. As a prominent member of the Advisory Board of the CEEGS Project, CIUDEN has been instrumental in advancing sustainable and low-carbon energy solutions.

The visit, held on June 7, 2023, aimed to consolidate CIUDEN’s position as a member of the Advisory Board, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among the institutions.

During the visit, the project partners had the opportunity to:

  • Observe CIUDEN’s CO2 injection facilities in the subsurface of Hontomín, allowing for a precise understanding of the technologies, equipment, and processes used in safe CO2
  • Interact with experts and leading professionals in the field of sustainable energy, facilitating knowledge exchange, discussing results, and raising questions to gain a broader perspective on the project’s work.
  • Evaluate the technical, economic, and operational feasibility of the project, identifying challenges and opportunities to enhance its effectiveness and success.
  • Access relevant data collected over several years at the Hontomín facility, including measurements, operational records, and technical reports, aiding in a better understanding of project results and progress.

Figure 1. Members of the visit at the CO2 injection facilities of Hontomin (Burgos)

The CEEGS project, focused on the development of a new integrated system of electrothermal energy storage based on a reversible CO2 transcritical cycle heat pump, and geological storage of CO2 in underground geological formations, demonstrates a commitment to collaboration in seeking innovative and environmentally friendly energy storage solutions.

About CIUDEN (Foundation Ciudad de la Energía):

Established in 2006, CIUDEN is a state public sector foundation, linked to the Institute for Just Transition, and dependent on the State Secretariat for Energy, under the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge (MITECO). Its mission is to implement Research, Development, and Innovation (R+D+i) programs related to energy and the environment, and contribute to the economic development of the Bierzo region in the province of León.

The inclusion of CIUDEN as a member of the Advisory Board of the CEEGS Project brings invaluable benefits to the project. CIUDEN’s extensive experience in CO2 injection into underground geological formations is a vital component of the project’s success. Their expertise and contribution to the research, development, and implementation of safe and efficient CO2 storage technologies are essential in achieving the project’s goals for a sustainable and low-carbon energy future.